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Asbestos Disposal

Learn how asbestos disposal in Adelaide is carried out!


In your Adelaide Hills, South Australia property, asbestos has been detected. Now, this asbestos waste has to be disposed of in a proper and safe manner. It is your responsibility to reach out to licensed and certified asbestos managers like Clean Air Asbestos to handle the  asbestos disposal in Adelaide, SA.

Asbestos disposal in Adelaide, South Australia or for that matter anywhere in the Continent Australia has to follow a stringent process determined by the local government. That is why property owners in Adelaide Hills or anywhere are not authorized to have asbestos waste disposed of or even consider recycling at anytime.

This has to be undertaken by licensed, authorized asbestos managers like Clean Air Asbestos. 

How to go about the asbestos disposal in Adelaide, SA: 

  • Once the presence of asbestos is confirmed in your Adelaide Hills SA property, then how it has to be disposed of is the very important step.
  • Asbestos specialists know how to remove it from the site and then will take it to designated landfill areas where asbestos can be disposed of.
  • The asbestos has to be carefully packed and contained and only then should it be disposed off in the waste landfill areas.

If you want asbestos experts to take care of asbestos survey, testing, removing disposal in your Adelaide Hills, South Australia property, you should reach out to Clean Air Asbestos. Our asbestos managers will share the costs, rates and pricing for an asbestos survey, inspection, testing, and removing and disposal of asbestos.

For asbestos waste disposal, recycling and a series of related services, connect with the best in Adelaide, South Australia- Clean Air Asbestos. You can reach us on- 0408 099 327  or write to us at

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