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Asbestos Safety

It is very important to maintain asbestos safety in Adelaide, SA at all times!


If asbestos safety in Adelaide, SA is uppermost on your mind, then your apprehensions are well called for. If you are not sure if your Adelaide Hills building carries traces of asbestos or not, then you need to get experts from around the Adelaide, South Australia region to undertake an inspection, testing, removal, and disposal service. And one such professional asbestos company who can ensure asbestos safety would be Clean Air Asbestos.

To ensure complete asbestos safety in Adelaide Hills, SA, it is important to take the necessary precautionary measures. The building owner is not authorised to undertake this. Instead, professionals like Clean Air Asbestos have the licence to undertake this.

When clearing, cleaning, disposing, removing, and collecting asbestos for testing purposes, this is what is followed: 

  • When removing asbestos for testing or even during removal or disposal, people should safely remove it and follow all safety parameters.
  • The collected asbestos fragments should be safely packed and handled for either testing or disposal purpose.
  • Only, trained, certified and licenced professionals should help safely remove the asbestos.
  • To be safe, protective gear has to be worn during asbestos removal.

Need Asbestos Management? To ensure absolute asbestos safety in your building in Adelaide, South Australia and to know the methods to be followed to safely remove asbestos and if you want to know how safe the asbestos that is present in your Adelaide building is, connect with Clean Air Asbestos in Adelaide Hills, SA. We are reachable at 0408 099 327 or email us at

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