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Asbestos Register

Why is it important to undertake an asbestos sample testing in Adelaide?


Have you heard about what an asbestos register in Adelaide is all about? Do you know that there is an asbestos building register in Adelaide, SA and an asbestos removal register in Adelaide, South Australia? Yes. You may not really be in the know. And the certified and licensed asbestos removal company in Adelaide, Clean Air Asbestos will throw more light about what asbestos register is all about.

Just suppose this. Asbestos has been detected in your Adelaide Hills building, then as per the local governing law, you must create an asbestos register.

The details captured in the asbestos registration include: 

  • The asbestos registration will capture more details about when the construction of the building was undertaken.
  • The registers also capture where the asbestos was located.
  • What was the source of the asbestos?
  • Was it a part of the original construction?
  • Or did it come as part of some installation?
  • Is the asbestos in the buildings fixed and built into the construction?
  • The registers also capture what is the type of material that contains the asbestos.

Further to this:
  • The asbestos records will have to also capture if the category of asbestos detected is non-friable or friable.
  • The asbestos discovered in the buildings by the certified and licensed specialists from say a company like Clean Air Asbestos in Adelaide Hills, SA have sent it for testing and have determined its exact condition and have created plans to remove it too.
  • For removal and testing purpose, is the asbestos in an easy to access place?
  • Typically, the asbestos details that are registered in the asbestos register should be created by a licensed professional. Someone who has the license to undertake the removal, testing and more.

Need Asbestos Safety?For asbestos removal, testing, to get the asbestos discovery registered, and to help create and maintain asbestos registers, the licensed and certified asbestos specialists from Adelaide Hills, South Australia- Clean Air Asbestos is who you should touch base with.

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