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Asbestos Inspection

Understanding what an asbestos audit report is all about!


You want to double confirm that there is no asbestos presence in your building in Adelaide Hills, South Australia. For this, you want an asbestos specialist company like Clean Air Asbestos to take care of the asbestos audit in Adelaide and asbestos inspection in Adelaide, SA.

What exactly is an asbestos inspection? 

If you want your building to be certified that it is asbestos-free and good for occupation, then you will need to engage experts to carry out inspections and testing. Once the testing and check determines if there is asbestos present, then the next steps are planned.

What would an asbestos audit report be?

Once asbestos inspections and testing is carried out in your Adelaide, SA building, then asbestos audits or an asbestos audit report is prepared in accordance. Asbestos audit reports can only be prepared by licensed and certified asbestos professionals who are qualified to undertake an inspection, testing and monitoring. They are also eligible to undertake the asbestos clearance and disposal from say your building in Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

The asbestos audits report that is developed after an inspection actually outlines the details of an actual presence of asbestos fragments and particles and what type of materials they are, how harmful they are and whether they are detrimental to the residents and the surroundings. The audits report also further captures the next steps like removal, clearance, and even demolition of the said Adelaide Hills building in part or completely.

At anytime you want comprehensive asbestos testing, inspections and audit reports to be generated for your building in Adelaide, SA then connect with the asbestos experts at Clean Air Asbestos. We are reachable on- 0408 099 327 or email us at

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