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Asbestos Handling

What exactly is asbestos clearance and handling services?


If you want dependable asbestos consultation in Adelaide, SA to know more about asbestos clearance in Adelaide, South Australia and how asbestos handling in Adelaide is actually undertaken, get the best advice and inputs from the specialists in Adelaide Hills- Clean Air Asbestos.

Our asbestos consultation covers advice about not just asbestos handling and its final clearance. But it also covers how we go about the asbestos testing process, the removal and final disposal.

INow, how do our experts at Clean Air Asbestos go about the asbestos handling and clearance for your building in Adelaide Hills, South Australia?

 You can discover the complete asbestos removal, testing and clearance processes right here: 

  • There are certain processes and stages at which the asbestos clearance and handling is carried out by our certified and licensed asbestos testing and removal experts. Our initial consultation will cover all of this for you and we will outline the same in great detail.
  • As always the steps to an asbestos clearance is first preceded by a detailed inspection, followed by a check, testing and monitoring before actually concluding that your Adelaide Hills building in SA does have a presence of asbestos. Following this, the subsequent final steps, asbestos clearance, removal and disposal is planned.
  • It is not just the physical removal of asbestos fragments, but we also check and test the air quality to see if there are any asbestos particles that are airborne and therefore testing of the air too is undertaken as part of this. Once all doubts are alleviated, then accordingly a certificate for reoccupation can be issued.

Need Asbestos Disposal? For the best asbestos related advice and consultation pertaining to asbestos handling, testing, removal and clearance get in touch with Clean Air Asbestos in Adelaide Hills, SA. Connect with us on- 0408 099 327 or email us at

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