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How does an asbestos survey specialist arrive at the cost of removal and survey? Click here to learn more!

How does an asbestos survey specialist arrive at the cost of removal and survey? Click here to learn more!

You have been told to get an asbestos survey undertaken in your Adelaide Hills, SA residence. And you must get this asbestos survey service done ASAP. Now, when you are talking to asbestos removal services like Clear Air Asbestos Solutions, you want to know the cost of asbestos removal in Adelaide, South Australia and the actual asbestos survey cost in Adelaide.

It is a very natural thing to do. Before an actual asbestos survey in your residence and once the presence of asbestos is confirmed, then you want to know the cost of asbestos removal for your residence in Adelaide, South Australia. Now, there are different services included here and most of all, you want asbestos removal experts and asbestos service professionals to undertake it. But you want to know what the ballpark cost would be and how much you should set aside. And only professional asbestos inspectors and removalists will be able to give you an exact figure owing to their experience and the fact that they have engaged in many related services, of course.

How is the asbestos survey cost and cost of asbestos removal determined? Here are a few ways that the asbestos removal experts arrive at the final cost:

  • 1. The size, location and total area of your home or building in Adelaide, SA or Adelaide Hills, South Australia will determine the cost of the asbestos inspections, asbestos survey and of course, if there is asbestos present, then asbestos removal services. So, if the whole building must be checked using the different methods, then the cost too would differ. If there is only a small area to be surveyed and inspected, then the cost would differ.

  • 2. If the soil and water in and around the vicinity of your Adelaide Hills, South Australia or Adelaide, SA must be tested, then the cost of asbestos survey and later, asbestos removal cost would be determined accordingly. 

  • 3. If there is a planned building demolition and if the building is an old building, in order to adhere to work safety norms, it is advisable to test for asbestos materials and fibres in the building. This should also be undertaken before the demolition. An asbestos survey and different methodologies used will determine if there is any asbestos presence. Accordingly, the asbestos removal has to be undertaken. Following this, the demolition work can be completed. So, the cost for asbestos removal and the asbestos survey cost would be based on the number of surveyors and inspectors assigned to the job. The time taken and the detailed sample testing carried out.

For an asbestos survey, the cost involved, and the cost of asbestos removal and other related services is something that you must be in the know of before it is undertaken. And in your building in Adelaide, SA or Adelaide Hills, South Australia, if asbestos removal service is required to be undertaken, the best asbestos survey, service and removal company would be- Clean Air Asbestos Solutions. To know more, call us on 0408 099 327 or email us at

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