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What are the different kinds of asbestos inspection services for your South Australia place!

You may have heard about the term asbestos inspection in Adelaide and also asbestos audit in Adelaide, South Australia, now you know that you should get an asbestos audit and inspection services undertaken for your place in Adelaide, SA, and if you have heard something about this, your next step would be to identify experienced asbestos consultants to take care of the asbestos audit and asbestos inspection services anywhere you reside or own a building in Adelaide Hills, SA or even Adelaide, South Australia. And one such qualified asbestos audit and asbestos inspection service company would be Clean Air Asbestos Solutions in South Australia.

What are the kinds of asbestos inspections and asbestos audit carried out?

There are a couple asbestos inspection and asbestos audit services that are undertaken by experienced personnel.

The same include:

Refurbishment & Demolition Inspection

If you are planning to renovate or refurbish an old building, before the demolition, a round of asbestos inspection should be carried out to ensure that there is no presence of asbestos in your existing building. If asbestos particles and remnants are found in your Adelaide Hills, SA building, then it should be carefully removed so that it doesn’t affect the people and the environment. This should be done before the actual renovation, refurbishment or demolition is carried out.

Clearance Inspection

When an asbestos inspection and asbestos audit was carried out in a building, and asbestos materials were identified, then it will be removed by experienced asbestos consultants. Now, once determined that the asbestos presence in your Adelaide, SA place is completely removed, in order to give the final go-ahead, an asbestos clearance inspection is carried out. This will certify that the building is safe and it can be occupied. And the inspectors from Clean Air Asbestos Solutions in Adelaide, South Australia have the knowhow and the certifications to undertake asbestos inspection and asbestos audit services.

Management Inspection

One of the main reasons why people reach out to an established asbestos solutions and management company is because they will have the knowhow when it comes to asbestos inspection and asbestos audit services. That is why companies in Adelaide, South Australia like Clean Air Asbestos Solutions are approached.

Asbestos management inspection is basically an inspection to determine if the Adelaide Hills, SA building has any harmful asbestos materials. Once the inspection and asbestos audit is carried out, the next steps to safely remove the asbestos materials is chalked out. This would essentially be the primary step before, the next steps about how to remove the asbestos materials are planned.

It is recommended that the asbestos inspection, check and asbestos audit is always carried out by consultants who have received accreditation from NATA- National Association of Testing Authorities.

And so,

For anytime asbestos related services, and if you are specifically looking for a round of asbestos inspection service and asbestos audit service in your Adelaide Hills, SA place or if you reside or own a building anywhere in the roundabouts of Adelaide, South Australia, call Clean Air Asbestos Solutions on our number, 0408 099 327 or you may email us at

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