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Here’s how Clean Air Asbestos can help in registering the asbestos building register in Adelaide, SA!

If asbestos is detected in your Adelaide Hills, South Australia building, the first order of the day as is made mandatory is the creation of an asbestos building register in Adelaide. This asbestos register in Adelaide, SA can only be created by certified and licensed asbestos removal specialists in Adelaide, SA. If you want to learn more about asbestos removal register in Adelaide and want to touch base with experts who have the license to remove asbestos and send it for testing and create, maintain asbestos records, it is Clean Air Asbestos in Adelaide Hills.

What exactly is asbestos register?

Asbestos registration or records are documents that registers and lists the presence of asbestos in the buildings anywhere in and around the Adelaide Hills, SA where the inspection was carried out by experts who are certified and have the license to carry out this asbestos registration.

So, what exactly is registered? The places or areas in the building construction where the asbestos was seen, confirmed or even assumed to be present. This registered document should be kept in the building for future records. Or in the event a testing, removal and disposal is planned, the asbestos registers will come in handy.

Here’s how Clean Air Asbestos can be of help!

We are licensed and can list and take care of the asbestos registration process in the event its presence was detected in any buildings. We will check when the construction of the building was undertaken so we are sure about how many years back the construction was carried out. Since we are licensed, we can not only remove the asbestos particles but also send it for testing and then if the presence of asbestos is confirmed, then we undertake subsequent removal and disposal too.

To understand the importance of why an asbestos register has to be maintained for your building in South Australia, and that only licensed and certified asbestos specialists like Clean Air Asbestos are authorised to remove asbestos and send it for testing, reach out to us on- 0408 099 327 or email us at

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