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How is asbestos disposal in Adelaide undertaken? Want to know? Find here!

How is asbestos disposal in Adelaide undertaken? Want to know? Find here!

Want to know more about asbestos disposal service in Adelaide, SA? Then speak to the best asbestos services company in Adelaide, South Australia- Clean Air Asbestos Solutions. 

What exactly is asbestos waste?

It said that any asbestos fibre, product or even materials that have to be disposed off or an asbestos disposal has to be carried out, is identified as asbestos waste. Therefore, asbestos waste is all about any contaminated, unsafe asbestos remnants, residue, fibres and materials that are present in the soil, air, building, tools and more. All of these may not exactly be subject to a decontamination process and that is why the asbestos waste has to see a round of disposal. 

So, if you want to safely and carefully have the asbestos waste removal to be undertaken in your building or residence in Adelaide, SA or Adelaide Hills, South Australia, you need expert intervention like the licensed, fully-insured and certified asbestos services company- Clean Air Asbestos Solutions.

How should the asbestos disposal in Adelaide be carried out?

  • 1. There are many processes and legalities to be followed when it comes to asbestos disposal and removals in Adelaide, South Australia. 

  • 2. There are specific safety precautions to be taken before the asbestos removal from any site in Adelaide Hills, SA. 

  • 3. If there is more than 10sqm of asbestos to be removed, qualified and professional asbestos removalists like Clean Air Asbestos Solutions will have to be reached out to. 

  • 4. If there is friable or loose asbestos, the one point to be kept in mind is that only licensed removalists can remove the friable asbestos and it cannot be carried out by any individual. 

  • 5. The local council has earmarked a couple specific sites or landfill areas where the asbestos waste can be disposed of. 

  • 6. If you reside or own a building anywhere in Adelaide, South Australia or Adelaide Hills, SA, then it is best to leave it to us, our asbestos disposal professionals to find out where the nearest asbestos disposal landfill or site is. 

  • 7. Before an asbestos disposal service anywhere in Adelaide, South Australia, first an asbestos removal is undertaken. During this process, the asbestos fibres, materials or asbestos waste has to be wetted, and covered and wrapped in about 200um thick plastic material. After which, it should be sealed safely and securely and then safely transported to the landfill area and here the asbestos materials have to be disposed of.


  • 8. The naming has to be clear on the wrapped up asbestos materials- It should display the word, ‘asbestos waste’ in bold.

  • 9. The vehicle that is used to transport the asbestos disposal should be in good condition and professionals like us will ensure that it is a leak-proof and foolproof vehicle. 

  • 10. All communication, permissions and receipts from the time of the asbestos removal to the asbestos waste disposal has to be recorded and kept handy. This proof is required for you to get an asbestos clearance certificate later.

For safe, proper asbestos disposal in Adelaide service, and asbestos removals, asbestos consultation services and more, you should reach out to the best Adelaide, South Australia-based company- Clean Air Asbestos Solutions. Our asbestos consultation and other services extend to Adelaide Hills, SA too. If you want to connect with our professionals, call us on 0408 099 327 or write to us at

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