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Want to know about a couple asbestos testing methods? Find here!

Want to know about a couple asbestos testing methods? Find here!

What do you require at your Adelaide, South Australia place? Do you suspect the presence of asbestos in your building in Adelaide Hills, SA? And for this, do you need asbestos air testing in Adelaide and want to make sure with a round of asbestos sample testing in Adelaide, SA? Then you will need expert asbestos testing in Adelaide to be carried out. And the best in the business would be the asbestos testing service in Adelaide, Clean Air Asbestos Solutions.

As part of our asbestos related services, we handle end-to-end testing for asbestos in Adelaide.

Anytime you seek any asbestos air testing or asbestos testing service in Adelaide, think of Clean Air Asbestos Solutions.

You know asbestos testing is carried out to find out if asbestos materials and fibres are present in your building in Adelaide, South Australia. Now, you may want to know more about testing for asbestos in Adelaide Hills, SA or say, asbestos testing service.

These are the asbestos testing methods employed to test the presence of asbestos:

  1. 1. If the asbestos is airborne, then asbestos air testing is carried out. The test is known as PCM- Phase Contract Microscopy. This asbestos air testing will measure how much asbestos fibres are there in the air, whether it is concentrated and if the asbestos fibres are present in the asbestos air samples that have been taken. This is relatively a test that doesn’t take too much time and it costs lesser than other methodologies. Though the PCM test does not only identify asbestos fibres, from the asbestos air sample testing, the different types of fibres present are identified and in that how much of asbestos fibres are seemingly present.  

  2. 2. There is another asbestos air testing undertaken. At times, to better detect smaller fibres, TEM- Transmission Electron Microscopy is employed. This is an upgraded air sample test method and very small, minute asbestos fibres testing can be undertaken.  

  3. 3. Another type of asbestos sample testing that can be undertaken in your Adelaide Hills, home or building by asbestos experts like Clean Air Asbestos Solutions is to undertake an asbestos inspection and along with that take samples of the building materials. There are different techniques adopted to carry out this type of asbestos sample testing. PLM- Polarized Light Microscopy is one of the most common techniques used in this materials category.

  4. 4. Testing for asbestos also includes an exclusive water and soil testing. If the soil or water reflects presence of asbestos materials, then it is understood that asbestos is present in the vicinity. Also, it may be due to dumping that the asbestos materials have permeated into the soil and water. Methods like TEM and PLM are employed in the asbestos sample testing in Adelaide, South Australia or Adelaide Hills, SA.

If ever you suspect or have any reason to believe that there is asbestos present in your home or workplace, then you need a professional asbestos testing service in Adelaide, South Australia to help determine the asbestos presence. And asbestos testing service firm like Clean Air Asbestos Solutions will carry out the asbestos sample testing, asbestos air testing and asbestos testing in and around your home or building in Adelaide Hills, SA.

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